22 May 2009

Run PHP On Local Machine

When I want to develop a php website, it is always be hard to run and test the php code on local machine.
After I search how to run php on local machine, I found an awesome tool for this.

XAMPP is a great open source software that helps you run php on local, and also it runs MySQL Server service, Filezilla FTP.

Simply download xampp and install it, I select the run apache as service option.

By its default, it installs into C:\xampp directory,
you can copy your php files into C:\xampp\htdocs directory, and open in your browser.


Arul said...

wamp http://www.wampserver.com/en/ also good for php related LAMP development..

Στατικές Μελέτες said...

Here you can find a tutorial about Using your own Local Test Server.

Not as easy as the above links but quite useful

Anonymous said...

Thank you! It works perfectly!

ADTC said...

If you have Skype, you'll need to ensure Advanced > Connection > "Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections" is turned OFF. If not, turn it off and restart Skype (you can continue to use Skype once it is restarted). Otherwise the Apache server will either complain (won't start) or will not work properly after starting.

Other telephony software can cause similar problems. Look for a similar option to turn off, but if you can't find any, then you will have to exit the telephony software completely.