25 November 2008

Meaning of De parvis grandis acervus erit

When you open the Google toolbar about box, you may see this text there.
De parvis grandis acervus erit.

After I googling, I found several possible meanings;
  • Out of small things a great heap will be formed.
  • Little by little there's so much done.
  • Tall oaks from little acorns grow.
  • Small things will make a large pile.
I really love this quote, I think it summarize the Google great services clearly, their passion and simplicity beyond the great work and service. Please let me know if this translations are incorrect or any other suggestions.


·e· said...

Great heaps come from small beginnings

Anonymous said...

In our vernacular, it would be idiomatically translated, "From a little acorn, the mighty oak doth grow."

Anonymous said...

The mighty oak was formed from a tiny nut that held it's ground!

To Haties with Google

SIrKnightAnonymous said...

Tis amazing the previous poster's vernacular includes "doth" me thinks!

Anonymous said...

At fist glance it conveyed to me; from small things great things emerge.simentio