25 November 2008

C# WMI Startup Programs, List Startup Applications with ManagementClass

It is possible to list Startup Programs of operating system in C#.

With the use of ManagementClass, a few lines of code will give us this list.
The WMI classes are easy to use such these operations.
  • Add reference System.Management to your project.
  • Add the following code to your code file.
  • using System.Management;
    using System.Management.Instrumentation;
  • Add the code below to list the startup application assigned in os.
  •  ManagementClass mangnmt =
    new ManagementClass("Win32_StartupCommand");

    ManagementObjectCollection mcol = mangnmt.GetInstances();

    foreach (ManagementObject strt in mcol)
    Console.WriteLine("Application Name: "
    + strt["Name"].ToString());

    Console.WriteLine("Application Location: "
    + strt["Location"].ToString());

    Console.WriteLine("Application Command: "
    + strt["Command"].ToString());

    Console.WriteLine("User: " + strt["User"].ToString());

List Autorun programs in C#

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Jason said...

You code does not work as it is missing several line ending and qualifiers.